Everyone likes a good viral video, but the best kind of video I like to find on the Internet are those that show us how strong we can be when faced with difficult life situations. I'm proud to say, often times it's somewhere in Texas we find these true feats of inner strength. This video out of a Dallas hospital is no different.

Ana-Alecia Ayala and her 'chemo buddy' Danielle Andrus have displayed their strength in a big way, having a dance party in Ayala's hospital room to the song "Juju On That Beat" by Zayion McCall. Their version called "Juju On That Chemo" has garnered over 7 million views on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube in the last three days.

Ayala, 32, was diagnosed with a rare tumor in her uterus in December of 2015. She and her husband were trying for second baby before they found out about her condition. Surgery removed the majority of the tumor, however a new tumor showed up this July, which led to a more aggressive approach with Chemotherapy.

She told Dallas' KVUE ABC:

In-patient treatment was rough at first," Ayala said. "Being away from our 3-year-old was the hardest part. We had her birthday party in my hospital room in July, and the nurses came in and sang to her.

The purpose of this great video is to inspire those who are fighting cancer to "not look at cancer as a death sentence and try to make the most of bad situations."

She emphasized the power of loved ones being present at the moment and if that means being silly to make someone smile, be silly or have dance parties.

For comparison, here is one of the most popular viral videos of 'Juju On That Beat' dance with over 9 million views.

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