Jo Dee Messina has been diagnosed with cancer. Jo Dee's team took to her website to announce her cancer diagnosis on Wednesday. Jo Dee Messina plans to begin cancer treatment sometime in the fall and "is working closely with a team to explore all options." The emotional statement made on Jo Dee's website started off with "Over the years, Jo Dee has built a close relationship with her fans, so those of us at Team JDM wanted to be the first to let you know that she was recently diagnosed with cancer. It has been a trying summer, but her heart has been filled with gratitude for the many opportunities she has had to see God's hand at work." Unfortunately she is forced to cancel her concerts after October 7th.

The "Heads Carolina, Tails California" hit maker isn't one to shy away from a fight. I can imagine she's yelling "Bring on the Rain" and we'll be hearing "I'm Alright" in no time. Sending prayers to Jo Dee Messina and her family. What's your favorite Jo Dee Messina song?

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