Check out a few of Dani's Pics from the Cameron Park Zoo, and a video that ended up accidentally funny. 

Going to the zoo is one of my favorite things to do in life. In fact, every year on my birthday, my request is the same: Take me to the closest zoo! That's why it's so surprising that this was my first trip to the Cameron Park Zoo in Waco. I have always heard great things about the zoo, but for some reason or another, we hadn't made it out there until this weekend. As soon as I walked into the entrance, I immediately regretted not going sooner! This place is AMAZING!

via Dani's Pics

The cool thing about this zoo is that you can get SO close to the animals! Their exhibits are really made to be interactive, which I loved. (I may or may not have slid down the otter slide that was most likely meant for kids.) Many of the animals were napping, but we came upon the jaguars just as they were waking up from their morning nap. I started filming the spotted animals, thinking they were "playing". However, as you can tell, the two actually had something more in mind. (Don't worry, I turned it off as soon as I realized that romance was in the air!) Check out the video below!

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