Anytime you take a trip on I-35 in Central Texas you are gonna hear a few dozen people honking their horns. One motorist in Austin honked his horn as he thought another motorist cut him off just as he was getting on the Interstate in downtown Austin. A few minutes later he was looking at a $600 car repair bill.

Thanks to a dashcam and a rear-facing camera there is no question about what happened here.

The driver who owns the dashcams wished to remain nameless but told KVUE that he honked his horn at a motorist driving a white pickup. You can see all this in the video above. That honk of the horn seemed to set the other motorist off as he opened his door and gave the other driver the finger.

The driver with the cameras made his way around the pickup truck which soon ended up behind him. The Cameraman says he felt the other motorist hit his vehicle from behind 3 to 4 times before taking off. Check out the videos above to see the whole thing go down.

Obviously, the truck's plates are visible in the video so police will be catching up with this driver pretty soon. The man did call 9-1-1 but was not injured. Police are in the middle of investigating this one. Should be pretty simple to wrap this one up.

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