5 year old Claire Koch has become an internet sensation after a video of her signing to her deaf parents during a school Christmas concert went viral.

Lori Koch sent a link to the video via Twitter to CNN’s Pierce Morgan with the comment, “My 5-year-old signed even better for her deaf parents in an xmas show.”

In an interview with their local FOX affiliate, the Koch’s said they wanted to show the world an example of how signing is really done in the wake of the memorial signer incident.

"It became obvious he was making things up," Lori said. "He was repeating the same hand movements so it was obvious he was a fake."

"It was just totally deflating for deaf people, like saying deaf people are not important," Thomas added. "This is a famous man who did so much for many people."

Their message is certainly reaching the world, as the video had over 5,000,000 views Monday morning.