A cockpit is no place for a woman according to one man whose sexist note to a female pilot has gone viral.

WestJet pilot Carey Steacy was shocked to discover that a passenger aboard a Sunday flight from Calgary to Victoria, Canda scribbled a note on a napkin to express his shock that a woman would be allowed to fly a plane.

"To Capt. / WestJet," the front of the note reads, "The cockpit of airlier [sic] is no place for a woman. A woman being a mother is the most honor not as "captain" Proverbs 31 (Sorry not P.C.) P.S. I wish WestJet could tell me a fair lady is at the helm so I can book another flight! Were [sic] short mothers not pilots Westjet."

The back of the note calls an advertisement for the company’s website “mere vanity” and features the complimentary closing, “Respectfully in Love, Daniel.”

Steacy, who’s been flying for 17 years, uploaded photos of the note to her Facebook page along with a heated response, but they appear to have been removed. However, Reddit user “lauie” posted the images on the site’s /r/pics/ board on Monday, shortly after which they went viral.

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