One thing Texans really pride their self in is being authentic. "Nobody does it quite like Texas," could just about be added to our license plates. If you live in Texas, these are 10 habits you should not break.

Not one of them has anything to do with having a fiddle in the band.

Is it really a habit if it is a good thing?

Not all habits are bad. There is probably a philosophical debate here of which I am clearly not educated enough to get involved. For sure, there is a thing called developing healthy or good habits. Certain routines can really help with managing and mastering every day life.

Some might argue that accomplishing those types of routines are more accurately goal achievement. Since most of us have already mastered these 10 (good) habits, maybe it is time to set some new goals?

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How many of these 10 Texas Sized Habits describe you? What Texas Habits would you add?

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