Quite a few people have experienced emotional breakdowns after testing positive for COVID-19.

Okay, so I got struck with the coronavirus, and while my symptoms weren't too terrible, I did cry for the first two days. At first I thought I was just being "a big baby" about the whole thing, but then as I talked to other people who experienced it, I realized I wasn't alone in my reaction.

Lots of friends and acquaintances told me that they also were very emotional when they received their positive test. No one could point out the specific reason for their tears, but it seems to be very overwhelming for everyone. If you didn't get emotional after getting COVID-19, good for you! But some of us just had to let it out.

I think there're many reasons why I was pretty sad about getting COVID. First, I knew I wouldn't be able to see my family for Christmas. While my family drives me absolutely crazy, the thought of missing their faces on Christmas day really made me tear up.

Second, I moved away from my hometown this year with only my pup, Sonny. I've never had to be sick all by myself. I've always had my boyfriend or family around to help take care of me when I'm under the weather, but this year was completely different.

Obviously with COVID you have to quarantine yourself, but it really set in deep knowing that everyone was miles away. Then came the thoughts about people I could have exposed when I didn't know that I had even been exposed. What if I passed it to someone with a compromised immune system? Next, I didn't feel great! Everything combined honestly really bummed me out!

So, I wallowed. I was sad, depressed, and feeling super alone. I knew I would be okay, but maybe the unknown just really threw me off. It's all passed, and I'm feeling much better, and from what I know, I didn't pass it to anyone close to me. After my positive test, I talked to others who experienced the exact same thing. Don't feel bad about feeling down. From what I can tell, it's perfectly normal.

Feel free to share your own COVID tale if you wish. Those first days are hard.

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