There's many sicknesses in the state of Texas.

Some, like the flu and COVID-19 are, at the time of writing, currently on the rise in the Lone Star State. So when we're not feeling well, there's one place we go to feel better. None other than the doctor's office.

There could be a multitude of things affecting us, and seeing a doctor is always a good way to find out what's making you feel not good. Look, trust us, scrolling on the internet searching symptoms will get you nowhere after all. But currently, it seems like finding a medical professional is a little bit harder than expected.

That hunch isn't just a hunch however, Texas is currently having trouble with doctors in the state. The number of them is too low.

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The Doctor Shortage Problem In The State Of Texas


KXXV discussed the issue with various individuals in the Central Texas area. Their investigation revealed that the problem is much deeper in reasoning that some may imagine. When interviewing a medical student named Katy Long, she believed the problem had two major issues.

According to her comments to KXXV, Long believes that the current movement away from primary care, and the cost of medical school is causing disruptions in the amount of doctors available.

Another individual with the Baylor College of Medicine, Dr. Christian Cable, told the news organization that the rate of growth in Texas is another issue the state faces.

Have you noticed issues trying to find a doctor in Texas? Let us know by sending us a message using the chat feature on our free station app.

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