Dierks Bentley is a family man. The 'Drunk on a Plane' singer has three kids and when he's not out on the road or recording new music, he's just a regular ol' dad.

Bentley owns a pickup truck and you'll frequently find him piling carseats into his extended cab and filling the backseat up with babies. He says this is really only a challenge in the winter -- so much so that he could specialize in it at the Olympics.

“I got three kids," he explains. "Trying to get three car seats in the back and then three kids in the back of the car in the middle of winter could be an Olympic sport."

When Taste of Country Night host Sam Alex caught up with Bentley he was celebrating a No. 1. for 'I Hold On' and he brought his family along with him to Nashville's Pour House to share his success. "Every No. 1 that happens I take it less and less for granted. These things are really special.”

Now, he's released his newest single, 'Drunk on a Plane,' and although his kids may like the song -- they don't really understand it. “My daughter just asked my mom what’s ‘Drunk on a Plane’ mean? So that’s going to be fun explaining to many of my fellow parent friends like ‘Sorry.'"

He said his wife handled it with a diversion tactic -- since his daughter is only three. But, his kids may start to understand one day.

“They know when I pull up to the liquor store and they’re in the car with me," Bentley says. "I try to explain I’m going to get some gas and they see me walk out with a bottle of wine or something they’re like ‘What are you doing dad?’ Uh you know just, uh, getting a few things for the house. They're on to us already."

Dierks Bentley is one of four headliners at the 2014 Taste of Country Music Festival at Hunter Mountain, June 13-15.