So, I went to cook my Diet Lasagna for Breakfast this morning in the Station Microwave.  After it was done I noticed I spilled some tomato sauce in there.  So I went to wipe it up and decided to give the whole thing the wipe down once over.

Not too Messy/

There weren’t too many spills,  I was downright proud of the rest of the crew.  Until I got to the roof  AAARGH!



Is that disgusting or what?    Here have a close up!

I am Going to Throw Up

I didn’t even have time to tackle that mess!   I guess I gotta go on line to figure out how to soften up crusted on microwave grunge so I can clean it out.

In the meantime I will just close the door and eat cereal for breakfast. I just have to put the milk in the fridge.   NOOOOOOO!

Guess I Gotta Clean the Whole Kitchen!

Now I gotta clean this too!