2 Juveniles failed at stealing a car in a Nashville neighborhood. According to WKRN News 11, the 15 and 17-year-old's who attempted to steal the car weren't prepared to deal with a manual transmission. The juveniles approached a woman in a Kroger parking lot and grabbed the keys out of the woman's hand. When the juveniles got into her vehicle they realized they weren't in a Grand Theft Auto video game, you actually have to put in some work to get a manual transmission up and going. The juveniles bolted without the car and were gone in less than 60 seconds. It looks like a stick shift is the best form of theft protection!

Cindy Hudgins

Recently, I realized I am way behind when it comes to car knowledge. My boyfriend's father bought his wife her dream car about a year ago. A 1970 Orange Volkswagen Bug named Clementine. I am obsessed with this car, there is just one little problem, I don't know how to drive it. They paid a pretty penny for Clementine, so I can't learn to drive stick in the Bug. For now, all I can do is take a ride when someone who knows how to drive a stick shift is driving. I attempted to learn twice in high school. None of the boys I dated liked me enough to ruin their transmissions. After several fails, I accepted the fact that I am just not meant to have a cool stick shift car! This makes me wonder, how many people out there really know how to drive a stick shift? I am convinced that over 80% of people out there can't drive a stick shift. Vote below!