When you are used to being surrounded by people who just get it, Texans, it can be quite difficult for everyone else not from Texas to understand all that they "know" about us is not necessarily all we are.

Let us be fair in saying that overall, many Texans do enjoy these 7 things quite a lot, but all by varying degrees. Even the strictest vegetarians or vegans can find their self at least tempted by our many varieties of bar-b-q from time to time.

Also, who doesn't love a good horseback ride, or a get together under Friday night lights? And I still claim, nobody has ever had a bad night at a Honky Tonk.

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The funny thing about these stereotypes is you don't actually have to unlearn them if you become a new resident of Texas. You somehow by moving here, almost as if by magic, acquire Texas knowledge like it was woven directly into your DNA.

It's impossible not to get assimilated into Texas, it truly is the friendliest place on Earth.

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