A little less than a year ago Toys 'R' Us shut down all of its stores in the United States. Now there are rumors of a couple of stores returning in the near future, according to reports from Matthew Townsend and Joe Deaux of Bloomberg.

Many stores have remained open across the planet and since Tru Kids won the rights to the Toys "R" Us brand last October about 70 additional stores have opened in Europe and Asia. The plan is open two stores in the U.S. with no announcement as to where they would be. Could Texas be a location?

Two big changes would be, a possible name change and the stores would be about three times as small.

Is there a demand for stores around here? Kids are mostly entertained by a screen nowadays. I know I loved it as a kid, and think there's still something to going to a place that seems special to a kid. Let us know what you think in the poll below.

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