Baylor's dream of a perfect season was shattered in Saturday's 34-31 loss to the Oklahoma Sooners.

All looked well in Waco when the Bears were up 31-10 at the half, but that lead wouldn't last as the Sooner's went on to score 24 unanswered points.

A 31-yard field goal from Gabe Brkic gave OU it's the first lead of the game with 1:45 left on the clock. The bears nearly got into field goal range, but Charlie Brewer threw a pick with 29 seconds remaining.

Now after the heartbreaking loss, can Baylor beat Oklahoma if they meet again in the Big 12 championship in a few weeks? Baylor just has to play Texas and Kansas, two games where they will be favored. Watch out for a decent Texas team coming off a last-second loss to Iowa State.

The championship game will take away the home-field advantage they had with the neutral site of Cowboys Stadium (I continue to call it that instead of promoting some phone company).

It's hard to beat a team twice but after that embarrassing loss. It may be too hard for the bears to not lose.



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