Dog Ridge Water Supply seems to be in hot water almost every other week this summer.

Yesterday information was released that Dog Ridge Water Supply Corps. - a company that serves Belton residents - had samples that tested positive for E. coli and coliform. More tests are needed, however, to confirm the presence of bacteria, according to the Texas Commission on Environment Quality (TCEQ).

Dog Ridge Water Supply put out a boil notice last Thursday that will remain in effect until further notice until new samples are released some time today or Friday. The last time the company tested positive for coliform was on May 4, 2010.

The company has received 14 violations over the last five years according to TCEQ and reported by the Temple Daily Telegram. The violations required a fine of $1,458 which has been paid in full by the corporation.

A woman who answered the phone at Dog Ridge Water Supply on Wednesday hung up twice on a Telegram reporter. “I’ll let you talk with TCEQ,” she said and hung up.

Dog Ridge Water Supply Corp. board President Wayne Rutherford has stated that whatever TCEQ finds in its investigation, they will fix it. He was quoted saying:

I welcome the investigation because it will show us what needs to be fixed.