There are seven hundred and seventy-four new laws in Texas being enacted on Friday when September begins that will each come with their own enforcement and established guidelines for penalty if they are broken. Some laws will have more impact on our daily lives than others, but one in particular has to do with operating a motor vehicle, which is something many of us do every single day.

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Senate Bill 1551 was sponsored by Frederick Frazier and authored by Royce West during the most recent legislative session. It has to do with failing to identify to a member of law enforcement when driving an automobile on Texas roads.

What does it mean to Failure to Identify to the police?

Well, most people know that if you are stopped by Texas law enforcement while driving a vehicle anywhere in the state that they will generally ask you for your drivers license, registration, and proof of minimum state insurance to operate your car on the roads. If you do no present identification upon request, or the necessary relevant information like name, address, date of birth etc., then you can be charged with a Class B or C misdemeanor.

What other laws are taking effect in Texas?

Obviously, with 774 new laws taking life on Friday, it would take a very long time to break them all down, and explain with all of their defined regulations. You can check out highlights of many of the other new laws in this KCEN article.

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