A high-speed police chase in Dallas, Texas earlier this week finally came to an abrupt end. The crazy aftermath was captured by a drone camera, and was subsequently shared by the Dallas Texas TV Facebook page.

The video is below.

It's always surreal to me to watch these videos. After all, in 2023, with surveillance cameras, not to mention people recording things they see while out and about driving on our Texas roads and highways, means there's a much higher chance you're are going to be caught--both on camera and in real life.

And that's exactly what happened here. Both on camera and in real life.

Then again, we see so many alleged crimes in action being caught on camera, so I'm not sure why it surprises me at all.

Commenters had plenty to say regarding the video shared yesterday.

One person wasn't happy with the stability of the footage and wondered if it was the person's first time using a drone. Someone else commented that they weren't at all surprised to see that a Dodge Charger was involved. (Is there something about Dodge Chargers I don't know?) 

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Here's the video:

Typically, we only get to see a part of a police chase in progress. Here, though, we get a look from on high at what happened at the end, and it's eye-opening.

Other things people had to say regarding the police chase?

Other commenters said they enjoyed the heck out of the video--especially the musical "soundtrack." Some even criticized the way the Dallas, TX Police handled the entire thing. Well, in my opinion, they got the job done. And it's always easier to criticize from the safety of the sidelines.

Whatever was going on and what led to the case to begin with, we're always thankful to law enforcement for making sure drivers are safe on the road and intervening on behalf of those in need.

Here's the link to the page if you'd like to read more of the comments or leave your own.

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