Killeen Police let us know that one person died Friday morning do to a vehicle crash that resulted in a gas tanker truck explosion.

According to KWTX TV, dozens of people had to be evacuated early Friday due to a gasoline tanker truck explosion and fire that spread to a convenience store.

No official word has been provided on who was killed.

An SUV collided with a gas tanker just before 4:30am Friday morning, as the tanker was delivering fuel to the Mickey's store in the 4500 block of East Veteran's Memorial Boulevard.

The resulting collision resulted in an explosion which led to a fire that engulfed both vehicles, then spread to the store and a few other vehicles in the parking lot.

Also, according to Ofelia Miramontez, police spokeswoman, a Killeen fire truck was destroyed when gas from the tanker flowed under it setting the fire truck on fire. Thankfully no firefighters were injured.

As a precaution, dozens of residents on South 56th & 58th Streets, Water Street and on Twin Creeks Drive at the Twin Creeks Apartments, were evacuated, eventually, to the Community Center. Killeen has set up a contact number for families to check up on loved ones in the effected areas, 254-501-6362.