A restaurant co-owned by Montgomery Gentry singer Eddie Montgomery has abruptly closed without warning, leaving employees scrambling to find an explanation for their sudden termination.

According to the Lexington Herald-Leader, Eddie Montgomery's Steakhouse in Harrodsburg, Ken. was open for business as usual on Saturday night (May 4). On Sunday, Tracy Nunan -- Montgomery's ex-wife and co-owner of the steakhouse -- posted the following message on the restaurant's Facebook page:

"I'm grateful for all the hard work you've done and will cherish all the memories made. I pray that everyone finds a new path and your journey is successful. I thank you all for your dedication and apologize for the lack of notice and ask for your understanding, as this was not within my control."

The log restaurant opened in 2009 and threw a huge grand opening celebration in 2010 that featured Montgomery's brother, fellow country star John Michael Montgomery. In late 2010, Tracy Montgomery filed for divorce from Eddie Montgomery, reportedly serving him with papers as he dined at the steakhouse with their daughter. New management was brought in late last year.

Examiner.com reports that many employees responded angrily to Nunan's Facebook post, saying they had no idea they were out of a job until they read it online. The restaurant's Facebook page appears to have since been removed. Its official website makes no mention of the sudden closing.