A murder that occurred around 35 years ago was cause for an 84-year-old woman to be put behind bars.

Our partners at News 10 report that Norma Albritton is free on bond on after she was charged with the murder for the shooting death of her husband, Johnnie Albritton, in 1984.

Mrs Albritton was indicted on June 27 and arrested on July 1.

Johnnie Albritton was fatally wounded at his home on Highway 75 between Buffalo and Centerville in Leon County. Investigators haven't released too many details, but say more arrests are possible as they continue looking into what was once a cold case.

In fact, the Leon County Sheriff's Office is looking into more unsolved cases "in an attempt to gain justice for the victims of crimes and their loved ones.”

Hopefully they can help bring closure to families who've been waiting years, perhaps even decades, for answers. Few things are as painful as never seeing justice done.

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