Boca Chica, Texas is a tiny town about 20 miles east of Brownsville. Its population is somewhere around 25 and it seems every one of them dislikes billionaire Elon Musk. (I think he just has a punchable face.)

But that's not why the SpaceX CEO isn't exactly beloved by the residents. Back in 2014, he built a launch site on the 20-mile wide island and it has caused havoc ever since.

I've written about how he tried to buy the town, but the folks wouldn't budge and how he told residents to vacate their homes because a test could shatter their windows coming about a month after a test started a brush fire.

Now the latest shenanigan - a prototype ship blew it's top. Check out the video below I got from CBS  News.

Business Insider reports that the explosion occurred during a pressure test. It stands to reason that a test of pressurization systems would cause an explosion, so the SpaceX team hopefully gathered valuable information that will help make these rockets safe for future passengers.

Musk wants to build a ship that can fly to Mars. I bet all of Boca Chica is rooting for that to happen and for him to go and stay there.



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