Proving yet again, Texans do it better.

This summer I'm sure you'll see the weak-ass row events in the Olympics. You know the ones. Two-to-six people sitting in a tiny boat. Some getting verbally abused by a small guy who wasn't strong enough to row. And all facing the wrong direction because deep down they're afraid of the future.

If they were serious about rowing, they'd be in the Texas Water Safari.

As the legend goes. Back in 1962 Frank Brow and Bill "Big Willie" George took their V-bottom boat, without a motor, from San Marcos to Corpus Christi. It took about 30 days. Then they decided that other should do this as well. So, in 1963 they set up the first Texas Water Safari.

Nowadays the Safari is a long, tough, non-stop marathon of a canoe-racing adventure. 260 miles of challenging rivers and fun.