UPDATE: By Thursday New Braunfels Police had reported that sadly, both animals passed away. Reports say the first animal which was returned to those who owned him on Wednesday evening managed to get out again and was actually discovered nearby this morning.


This is sure one from the 'You don't see that everyday' file. A flying Zebra in the sky over New Braunfels. Here is a closer look at what happened from the New Braunfels Police:

Late Wednesday afternoon a couple of adventuresome zebras escaped their pen (little is known about where they actually escaped from) and went for a swim across the Guadalupe River.

One of the Zebras ran down city streets as police took calls from Texans who witnessed the animal on the move.

Police got lucky enough to keep the animal from hurting itself or anyone else for that matter, and in the end, the Zebra was given a tranquilizer and then transported via helicopter back to its original owners.

Hours later the Zebra passed away but it is not known exactly why. I guess If I was suddenly knocked out by a tranquilizer dart and woke up swinging from a helicopter hundreds of feet above the city...I don't know that I would survive that joy ride either.

Both animals had just been sold to an owner off of Highway 46 South.

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