ESPN analyst and former Dallas Cowboys defensive end, Marcus Spears isn't too happy right now with another former player who wore the star, Pro Football Hall of Fame cornerback, Deion Sanders.

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Sanders, now in his first year as head coach of the Colorado Buffaloes, recently made some comments in reference to his recruiting tactics. In a recent interview on The Rich Eisen Show, Sanders said he "looks for athletes with a 3.5 GPA with duel-parent households." He went on to say that on the defensive side, "he looks for players from single-parent homes who get free lunch."

Marcus Spears took exception to these comments and made sure the world knew it with a four-word response on Twitter.

Spears later tweeted that while he doesn't agree with Sanders, "everything is cool" between them.  

Sanders's success on the field as one of the best cornerbacks in NFL history has carried over to his coaching career. In 3 seasons at Jackson state, he won 2 SWAC championships in three seasons. In one of those seasons, they went undefeated.

So, Coach Prime is obviously on to something when it comes to recruiting the right players for his program.

"We’re not recruiting just no ordinary Tom, Dick and Harry," Sanders said. "We recruited some guys that can light up the scoreboard and prevent touchdowns from occurring. We’re coming. We’re serious about that."[Rich Eisen YouTube]

Time will tell how well Coach Prime's Colorado Buffaloes will do this year. But history shows his tactics do create some success.

You can check Prime's full interview with Rich Eisen below.

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