In the video above Stephen A. Smith calls the athletics program at Baylor University "corrupt, vile, and corrosive" as he explains the some 120 plus reports of sexual assault or harassment at the University from 2011 to 2015. Stephen also reminds his viewers in the video that the former Title 9 coordinator at Baylor says that number of reports are actually higher.

His message is that parents who are considering Baylor as an option for their kids need to be aware of the turmoil going on there. And the fact that it keeps getting worse! Stephen's message is that he wants all parents nation-wide to stand up together and say "there is no way my daughter is ever going to Baylor University".

Since 2011, nineteen football players have been accused of assaulting 17 women and possible more. Smith also reminds viewers that according to a court brief filled this month, Baylor regents actually increased the numbers to 31 football players accused of 52 rapes.

Smith who appears on ESPN's "First Take" is just one of many national personalities attempting to take Baylor to task for the headlines that continue to pour out from the University.

What may be overlooked is how hard it may be for the student athletes who just wanted to get a great education and enjoy college athletics. The one's who have nothing to do with any of this.

Stephen A. Smith may rattle cages for his role on TV, but maybe the more this topic is talked about the faster it will be worked on.

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