Tis' the season to do weird things. Here's a weird one that's just a short drive away.

Everyone loves Halloween. Everyone who's human anyway. Growing up we had a nice cemetery on the west side of town. The teenagers would go and drink with the dead on Halloween. It seemed the thing to do. But then again, our cemetery wasn't featured in a horror classic.

If you want a little more excitement than watching scary movies this Halloween, maybe you should plan a (short) road trip. Try a nice, one-hour drive to Leander, Texas. It was in Leander that one of the scariest movies opens up. The graveyard scene in the "Texas Chainsaw Massacre". It was filmed in Leander at the Bagdad Cemetery.

You're gonna want to go in the daytime though. Trust me. It's never good to trespass in Texas. If the Zombies don't get you, then someone just might shoot you.

Find the Bagdad Cemetery at the SE corner of County Rd 279 and FM Rd 2243.

Via Google Maps
Via Google Maps




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