We're all excited for the cooldown in Texas right? Just the thought of walking around the state in 80 degree weather gives many a chill. Anything to get us out of triple digit temperatures for goodness sake!

The amount of time we've spent over 100 degrees has been to put it lightly: insane. In addition, the lack or rain has just been depressing as well. After all, droughts are no fun to be a part of.

Also, our air conditioners need breaks. They've been running nonstop since...April of 2023 maybe? Of course that's just a guess, but still, it is the Texas Heat after all.

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But with the cooler temps coming, when we will we see the area around us change?

Well, It Looks Like We'll Have To Wait A Bit Longer

According to KXAN, Texas is going to take a little bit longer to start looking like fall. In actuality, changes won't be noticed in the Lone Star State until October of 2023. That's when Fall will begin to truly take over the state.

KXAN also provided an interactive map, which shows Fall will peak in many areas of Central Texas in November. Which, personally, I'm looking forward to. I've always looked silly walking into work wearing sweatshirts with it being 95 degrees.

However, There's One Thing We'd More Of

We all know what I'm about to say, and it pertains to the drought problem we mentioned earlier. We need more rain in the Lone Star State! We need it soon too...

Are you excited for the soon arrival of Fall in Texas? Let us know by sending us a message using the chat feature on our FREE station app!

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