Are you sitting and comfortable right now, Texas? Well, be prepared to become potentially a lot less comfortable if the federal government has their way with how they think you should be living your best life within your own home.

Other than the United States Government trying to nose their way into your life even more, the bigger news is most likely that we are nowhere near the end of the tunnel for this excessive heat. Yes, the first day of fall is due to reach the northern hemisphere on September 23rd, but that doesn't mean the temps automatically do.

When can we expect the summer heat to finally take a vacation it self?


Other than it being a Saturday, there isn't a whole lot of good news to go with our half of the planet finally starting to lean away from the Sun. Based on the AccuWeather forecast, we're not due to see back to back days of even just mid 90s highs for another month.

Seriously, look it up, the second consecutive day with a projected mid 90s high isn't until September 1st. Oh, and if you're wanting to find a high temperature of less than 90, you're going to want to pick a square after Labor Day in your office pool.

So, if the temps are staying high, how do we keep the electric bill from following suit?

According to the the US Department of Energy, you need to turn off all lights and ceiling fans when not in a room, dial back the temp on your hot water heater, and keep the thermostat to 78 when you're home. Feel free to turn it up to 88 while away.


Besides, anything you actually save on your electric bill, they'll probably figure out a way to collect in taxes.

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