Jeremiah Shults was recently named Falls County Firefighter of the Year!

He continues to live up to the award after helping a woman give birth along the side of the road. The Rosebud firefighter delivered a baby girl this morning (Valentine's Day) after a couple in route to the hospital had stopped along the side of the road.

The parents pulled over to call 911 around 5 a.m. and within a few minutes Shults showed up and delivered the baby. The father cut the umbilical cord and was able to take his wife and newborn baby girl to the hospital.

What's kind of amazing is that this isn't the first time Jeremiah has delivered a baby for someone who couldn't make it to the hospital in time. He's actually done this eight times. Yup, eight times. He's even delivered a baby inside a bowling alley before. Check out the KXXV website to see a photo of Shults and baby Valentine.




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