News 10 is reporting that Killeen Police arrested an 11-year-old on Friday after a false shooter alarm caused massive alarm at a Central Texas school.

According to police, a student at Live Oak Middle School was arrested on Friday after the 6th grader made a hoax 911 call about a shooter at Shoemaker High School in Killeen.

The 6th grader has been charged with making a false report. This is a state jail felony.

This student committed a very serious crime that could have put lives in danger and caused fear among Shoemaker High School students, their families and teachers,” Superintendent John Craft said in a statement to the public. “We are asking parents throughout our school district to help us to make this very clear to students: we will find and arrest and help prosecute anyone who threatens the safety of a school or who falsely reports a threat. A student who does this may think it’s a joke. It’s not. It’s a felony.”

Police quickly arrived at Shoemaker High School at 3302 South Clear Creek Rd. in Killeen, where they searched the entire school for a shooter.

"Police officers came to the Shoemaker High School this afternoon after an anonymous person called 911 and reported there was a shooting at the school," said Killeen ISD spokesman Terry Abbott.

The false alarm is good news for all involved, however, this is a reminder that false alarms are not funny and should never be made.

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