I'm not really on board with the possibility of snow flurries happening this winter in Central Texas, but I also have not exactly been on board with the past couple of freezing rain and ice storms we have received either. No matter you wishes for a white Christmas, you get used to the concept being really far fetched in no time when you are a resident of the Lone Star State.

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Long range forecasts with AccuWeather currently has December 25, 2023 as being mostly sunny with a high of 60 as we all sit down to enjoy our Christmas ham. It is much more probable that you'll finish your day watching football, and highly unlikely the family will then pack it up to Bend o the River and enjoy some snow sledding.

What type of winter should Central Texas be getting prepared?


This is where the Farmer's Almanac and El Nino seem to diverge from the AI data provided to the National Weather Service's Climate Prediction Center. If you check out this article with Texas Monthly, meteorologists that comment to Alexandra Samuels, predicting Texas's winter will challenging to predict because,

"Due to the movement of warm water across the equatorial Pacific, which messes up normal weather patterns, Texas’s winter could be cooler."

I've always been a fan of leaving the house with a jacket and an umbrella once winter begins because if you need them, you have them. If you don't need them, they can stay in the car until you do.

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