Everyone falls asleep on the job at one particular time or another. The worst that can happen, I guess, depends on what job you hold at the time.

I’ve worked in a pizza joint, so I guess I could’ve either burnt some pizzas or the whole

It’s still subject of some nightmares

place down. In radio these days, everything is run on computers, so really I could sleep all damn day and no one would know. But back in the day, you had to be alert the whole time otherwise we would get what’s called “Dead Air”. It’s still subject of some nightmares.

When you work in the Fed Ex hub in Memphis, you have a chance to travel while you sleep.

An employee did just that the other day. Fell asleep in Memphis, woke up right before touchdown in Lubbock. He wasn’t charged with anything, and he wasn’t named. Fed Ex says it was purely an accident. Of course it was. Who would try to travel Lubbock?