If you haven't seen the reports of the brawl at Killeen Mall on Saturday, just check out the video above.

The story is that the fight broke out in the food court of the mall and escalated quickly.

Not long after the fight was estimated to have started, KCENTV says police responded to a call about a shot being fired. No evidence of gunfire could be found. This all started shortly after 6pm yesterday.

The Killeen Mall security and off-duty Killeen Police Officer could not stop the participants from fighting and the scuffle grew into what is described as a brawl. What stopped the fight was that it finally spilled out of the mall's food court and into the parking lot. Police arrived to put an end to the fighting.

8 arrests were made according to KCENTV. 4 adults, 4 juveniles. Police recovered a couple of stolen handguns in the process.

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