When all else fails throw the baby....UHH NO!  But that is what 23-year-old Ashley Wright is accused of doing.  

Okaloosa County Florida Jail

The Florida woman is accused of walking out of a Dillard's Department Store Monday evening with 261 dollars worth of clothes she did not pay for. The clothes were hidden in her 3 month old baby's stroller.   A clerk saw what happened and alerted authorities who followed the woman to her car.  A Sheriffs deputy asked the woman to get out of the car,  she refused, grabbed a baby carrier with her 14 pound baby in it, and held it in front of her screaming "You have to shoot through the baby to get to me!"

Two other kids, a 4 year old and a two year old were watching from the back seat, the husband on the passenger side. Police say the woman then ran off with the baby in the carrier.  The deputy ran after her, and then the woman threw the baby and the carrier at the cop.  She missed him.

She did not get far, was arrested after a struggle and charged with felony child abuse, petty theft and resisting an officer  Ashley Wright was booked into the Okaloosa county jail, her bond set at 7 thousand dollars. The baby is okay.

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