A month or so ago I brought to you a story about a young boy from Kentucky in a battle for his life against cystic fibrosis.  He was attempting to break a yet-to-exist Guinness World Records record for receiving the most Christmas cards.  9-year old Dalton Dingus has lost his battle and died Saturday, January 12th.

At last count Dalton had surpassed 700,000 cards, from as far away as South Korea, Ireland, Israel and from right here in Central Texas thanks to the people that read the story on our website and responded.  At the height of the card onslaught the rural mail carrier had to received assistance from the local church and even reporters to transport, count and store the cards.

As for the record, Guinness claims the record in the category of Christmas cards-received hasn't been kept up with since 1992.  The previous record stood at just over 200,000.  A Guinness representative told ABCNews.com's Jamie Panas that no formal record application had been submitted, therefore no speculation could be made as to whether the cards would garner a new record.