Glenda Hammons, 81, of Robinson oversaw a daycare in her home at North McLendon Drive. According to reports, it was at this daycare and home that a young child was injured.

A 9-year-old, who witnessed the abuse recorded cellphone footage of Hammons shaking, dragging, and slapping a 21-month-old boy. The child who witnessed the incident took the video footage to his mother who then turned over the video to the young boy's parents. The parents of the 21-month-old boy immediately reported the abuse to the Robinson Police Department.

Glenda originally denied the abuse but was unable to maintain her lie when police presented the video evidence. Hammons was arrested in September, and later plead guilty on June 6, 2019.

Glenda struck a deal with the state for five years of deferred probation on one felony count of injury to a child. The agreement with the prosecutors would expunge Hammons conviction if she completed probation. Unfortunately for Glenda, Judge Matt Johnson stated that he would not accept the plea bargain.

Glenda Hammons has now withdrawn her guilty plea and will be heading to trial October 21, 2019.

Do you think the plea deal was too light? Should Hammons get a harsher sentence? Do you think her age should play a role in the sentencing?

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