Charlie Strong has been fired from South Flordia after the Bulls finished the season with a 4-8 record.

The former University of Texas head coach matched the number of years he spent with the Longhorns as he did in the sunshine state. In three years he managed to come out with a winning record of 21-16 a mirror of his 16-21 at Texas.

Bleacherreport writes of his first year in Flordia being promising, with a ten-win season being capped off with a bowl win against Texas Tech.

Injuries were a factor in the next couple of years not ending nearly as well.

As a Texas Longhorn fan, I really liked Strong as our head coach. Obviously, the wins didn't happen, but I like the guy as a person. I can't say the same for current head coach Tom Herman.

Herman comes off as arrogant and to me, he's more of an assistant rather than the head coach for Texas. Maybe I'm wrong and have seen him in the wrong light, I want him to be someone worth rooting for and the wins to happen.

Never the less I like Charlie Strong and hope the best for him wherever he goes next.

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