A story in Texas has many not only in the state, but also largely in the nation, wondering how this allegedly happened in a Texas school district. Eyes have been places upon Forney, Texas, as a teacher has been accused of taping a young child to a chair as a punishment for misbehaving.

The Details Of The Story

According to NBC News, ten year old Zye Johnson told his mother that his teacher took him by the arm following lunch, led him to his seat in the classroom, and with the help of two other unidentified students, was taped to his chair.

While taped down, and the teacher left the room, it was alleged that other students in class went over to the Zye's chair and proceeded to hit him over the head while taped to the seat. Zye also reported to his mother that one of students said "I'm going to slap you as hard as Will Smith slapped Chris Rock."

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Zye was able to remove himself from the tape once the teacher came back to the room, and then went to over to the "cool down" area of the room. The teacher is alleged to have come over while Zye was in the area, claiming to have simply "played" with Zye.

Zye then requested to go to the nurse's office, and reported the incident to the nurse as well. Zye's mother, Charlotte, said she only got a call regarding the incident in question. She stated the reason that was given for the taping was that "he wouldn't sit still."

The teacher was placed on administrative leave, and NBC News was unable to obtain a comment from the unknown educator, whom Charlotte identified, in question. The Forney Independent School District has also stated they are investigating the incident as well.

As this is a developing story, more information will be reported when it becomes available.

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