As students return to class rooms for the first time since March, reports of child abuse could increase.

According to News 10,  Waco police Officer Bynum said "teachers, counselors and campus administrators know the students well because they see the children every school day and they’re often the ones who first spot signs of abuse and report it."

Bynum also said teachers are first repsonders for their students and are a vital part of the kids' lives.

Cases have dropped since there's been no in-class room school since back in March.

Much of the time parents and other adults are the ones abusing the kids.

When school gets back under way and teachers see students in person, the reports are likely to go up when they notice any signs of abuse of their students

I sure hope this isn't the case.

I'm glad school is getting back under way as safely as possible during COVID-19 and teachers can see their students in person.  Thank goodness for our teachers.

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