Fort Hood was the talk of the 2016 Secretary of the Army Energy and Water Management Awards ceremony, leading the way in mission preparedness and environmental requirements. 

According to the Fort Hood Sentinel, Fort Hood took home two major awards during this year's ceremony. The first for energy efficiency, and the second for exceptional performance for water conservation.

The Army gave out the awards on August 11th, during the Army's Energy Manager Training Workshop that took place in Rhode Island. Most impressive may be that due to these energy and water saving initiatives, Fort Hood is saving the Army almost 8.9 Million Dollars in energy savings.

Fort Hood is also actively involved in community outreach to get the word out about water and energy conservation. Those efforts include sustainability workshops, media campaigns, regional partnerships, along with military and civilian leadership working together to find the best way to use these techniques for maximum benefit.

Also catching a lot of attention is the Net Zero Energy facility on base which provides 91% of the energy needed inside the building from solar power.