Today almost 150 employers, 18 schools and 10 support agencies will be at Club Hood for the Mega Job Fair.

ACAP, the Army Career and Alumni Program, puts on two big Fort Hood job fairs a year.  The whole community, military and civilian alike, is invited out to meet with employers from all over the world.

Local school districts and businesses, government contractors and federal agencies will be recruiting.   Robert Schumacher, ACAP marketing coordinator and transition counselor, told us employers like the job skills, the military discipline, and work ethic that soldiers bring to the table.

If you fit the bill you can begin a new job here, out of state, even out of the country.

Halliburton, JP Morgan, Federal Bureau of Prisons, Frito-Lay,  Macy’s, Shell Oil  and the CIA, are just a few of the companies attending. You can also talk with representatives from police departments, Texas Department of Public Safety, troopers from out of state, hospitals and other public service organizations.

About 5,000 people attended the last Mega Job Fair in July, and ACAP expects more than 4,000 job seekers to attend this one.

This job fair is open to everyone, but you must have a DOD sticker or a visitors pass to get on post. The job fair is at Club Hood, but you have to park in designated parking areas, then walk or take the shuttle to Club Hood.

The job fair will be held Today, January 15 from 10-3.  Get there early if you can. Some of the employers start packing up around 1:30.

Bring the resumes just in case, and GOOD LUCK!