You can definitely feel the changing of the seasons happening right now in Killeen-Temple, Texas. Streets are closing left and right for resurfacing, churches are promoting Vacation Bible School like they are releasing a new Apple iPhone, and the Sun is starting to feel it doesn't set until nearly midnight.

There is one more season heavily upon us, and that is hiring season. It was only about a year ago that H-E-B announced their warehouse expansion to Temple, and now the hiring has gone into overdrive.

H-E-B is hosting a job fair on Wednesday, June 7, 2023 from 10 AM to 3 PM at their brand new warehouse location at 4401 Corporate Way. This is your chance to join one of the largest independent food retailers in the country.

What are the benefits of working at the new H-E-B Warehouse?

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Some of the biggest benefits are:

  1. Employee 10% discount program.
  2. Annual pay reviews.
  3. Partner stock plan.
  4. 401K with 4% employer match.
  5. Paid time off.
  6. Health benefits that include vision and dental.

According to this article at KWTX, you can check out their hiring PDF, and be prepared for the job fair. You are also encouraged to check out

What if I have never been to a job fair?


There is no time like the present, correct? Job fairs are kind of like a right of passage in the adult world. They are a great resource for career development and super convenient. There aren't a lot of opportunities where you can drop off your resume, speak to somebody in acquisition, and literally get a job offer in a matter of minutes.

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