As I sit here on the edge of the old age of 29, I began pondering: how many beers have I consumed in my life.

To be honest, probably more than the thousands that decorate the infamous 'Beer Can House' in Fort Worth - but not much more! Louis Torres' aluminum creation is widely known in Texas, and the house decorated by thousands of beer cans was just sold.

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Torres, 68, retired from Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company with a deep thirst for beer and soon discovered his idle hands needed something to do.

It's a hobby. Just something for me to do. I'm retired. Sit at home, drink beer, and watch TV.

But his work says otherwise. It's more than just a hobby - it's a project that he says is not finished, despite that fact that it was sold. Unfortunately, the house is likely to be torn down as the area is undergoing redevelopment. The 'Beer Can House' is actually the last home still standing on that block.

"Times are a changing," he said to WFAA. "They're buying up everything around here."

Torres has lived in that house for 60 years - his parents handed him the keys before they passed away.

At least there are still memories.

Torres' work has seen mixed reviews. Some, including the city of Ft. Worth considered the home an eye sore while others appreciated the creativity behind it. Miller/Coors even sent Torres a personalized Louis' Bar sign to go along with ten free cases of beer.