If you happened to drive past Crystal Grant's home in Killeen you may just think someone is having a garage sale but something much better is happening at 2010 Stardust Street. It's another example of how great Texans are to their neighbors.

There is another resource for city residents who need help getting by and the service is free. It's a trading post and help center and it's open weekdays from around 10am to 1pm and later on the weekends. Here's an individual who wanted to help others and took action right out of their own home. Crystal told KWTX that she noticed so many people in need around the holidays but even more so here in early 2017.

So everything is free at the trading post. Clothing, Shoes, Dishes and more. You can take an item without dropping off anything. You don't need any identification either. Some people bring items to drop of before picking up something they need.

Crystal explained to KWTX that she started by offering clothing her children had grown out of and the trading post just grew out of that. Grant said,

Some people have some really hard times, and it just kind of happens to everybody, and they need a little, I call it a hand-up, you know, it's not a hand-out, it's a hand-up.

We think her simple gesture of kindness seems to be helping plenty of people. Thanks for the 'hand-up" Crystal.

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