Out of great tragedy can come great triumph.  The deeper the tragedy, the greater the triumph.  From the MP that confronted April 2nd's Ft Hood shooter to the first responders and medical workers that saved lives to General Milley giving the perfect press conference, we see the military's greatness overcome another tragedy.

Three victims have been confirmed dead, along with 16 wounded and one dead shooter.  It marks the second time in the past five years soldiers at Ft Hood were targeted at the home base.  At about the 13-minute mark of the press conference is when things get interesting.  A few different "reporters" try to hijack the press conference and make it about their own personal agenda for concealed weapons on post.  General Milley was having none of it.

After an initial rebuke of, "I'm not gonna get into a debate with you on carrying concealed weapons on a military installation", another question comes about concealed weapons that General Milley responds with, "Yeah, let me go to someone else... anyone else, go ahead".  Beautiful responses to someone selfishly, and with no respect for the victims' families, makes it about themselves.