KCEN reports that some area gas stations that were out of fuel Tuesday have been resupplied, but prices are expected to rise.

Shortages of several grocery items are also being reported across Texas. Listeners told us of gas shortages at the Walmart in Killeen, and those reports along with reports from KCENTV of Stripes and Valero on Valley Mills in Waco being completely out of unleaded gas have residents in Central Texas looking for a chance to "top off" when possible.

KCENTV confirmed that H-E-B on West Adams in Temple also ran out of gas Tuesday but was resupplied before the end of the day.

The other shortage in Central Texas is slowly but surely becoming bottled water. Many stores are limiting customers to a certain number of cases of water per purchase to try and conserve what is in stock. KCENTV also reported Target in Temple ran out of milk.

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