Maybe it's just due to the fact that it was the closest square to me growing up and now, but I've always been a little leary of Georgetown, Texas's claim of having "the most beautiful square in Texas".

But then Christmas time rolls around and that doubt is all but diminished. December nights all light up are something special.

The square is home to so many local businesses. From the day-tripper headquarters to Mikey V's hot sauce shop there's something for everyone, including the artsy type (not me at all.

So evidently the Georgetown art center is in the square somewhere. I probably saw a dude with a fedora or some other ridicules hat or scarf walk in and scrubbed it from my mind.

Anyway, Glasstire writes that the center is seeking exhibition proposals for its 2020 season. The call is open now until the end of January.

It's not just limited to traditional art like paintings and whatnot, you can also propose having your group or solo performance as an exhibition. I could tastefully reenact my favorite Magnum P.I. scenes.

Well, this is clearly not my thing, but if you want to submit click here.

@havenmedrano this is my Instagram it's full of tasteful art... like videos of me talking.


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