Girl Scout cookies are mana from Heaven to which many of us are hopelessly addicted. I'm guilty of occasionally (okay, often) eating a couple for breakfast, and I'm sure you are too. The folks at General Mills know our dirty secret, and they're out to cash in.

I spotted this display at the Walmart on West Adams in Temple Saturday night. I'll admit to a brief moment of rapturous joy at the prospect of dumping a bag of tiny Thin Mints into my face, but then I remembered how overwhelmingly "meh" chomping down a handful of Cookie Crisp can be and decided to pass this up.

Besides, I checked the box and it didn't seem like the proceeds benefited anyone besides General Mills. Not that making a profit is a bad thing, but I'd rather help some young women build self-confidence and life skills than fund the Trix rabbit's hopeless addiction to people food.

If you decide to try them, let us know how they are. Meanwhile, we'll be pigging out on the real thing.

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