I could've sworn for the first 20 seconds of this video that I was looking at an every day, average tree.  What transpired, however, had me thinking of the madness we see at the Temple Mall every year.  

If you haven't seen what I'm talking about at the Temple Mall, take a second or two to watch this video.  Picture, instead of a tree, power lines and a Macy's and you'll know exactly what I'm talking about.

Washing your car this time of the year is useless if you live, work or even shop near the Temple Mall.  I don't have any sort of phobia when it comes to birds, but I'm developing one every time I hit up HEB on 31st St.  I'm more terrified of the teenagers that roam the mall in packs of shrieking, slacking madness than I am of the birds outside, but either one of those is as good of an excuse as I need to avoid the mall.

The tree in the video transforms before our very eyes.  I'm thinking if this was an actual Transformer, wouldn't it be named Optimus Pine?  Get it?  Optimus Pine?  Oh, come on, it's Monday.  You do better than that.